A Bit About Me

Recently named 2020 Best Photographer in Eagan by Sun Media, Rodel Querubin is a commercial business and personal branding photographer that specializes in delivering unique and impactful imagery at affordable rates. Previously working as an engineer in the semiconductor industry, he particularly enjoys the problem-solving of marrying the art of photography with a client’s needs for images that clearly and beautifully represent their brand while keeping an eye on return-on-investment. Understanding the crowded marketplace of stock images and workable cell phone photos, Rodel has enjoyed the close collaboration with clients in creating commercial visual assets that are specific, unique, and timely to the client.

My Work

I love to work with clients to develop a look, a concept, an idea, and help put that vision into the world whether it be for personal portraits or to help market their brand or business. Small businesses especially have a delicate balance of putting their best imagery forward to present an engaging, polished, professional look into a very competitive marketplace while also not breaking their marketing budget. My mission is to provide the best solution for your business needs.

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